Chapter 341

Doubts in her eyes, Lauren said, “Nash is not that kind of person. There must be something amiss. Let’s wait for him to come back, then we can ask him properly!” The moment she said that, Nash returned with Melody and Finn. Finn was wrapped like a mummy as he hopped along with Melody’s help. “Dad, Mom, what are you guys doing here?” Nash smiled as he entered the house. “You’re our son-in-law. Is it so weird that we would come pay you a visit?” Lauren said as she eyed Melody. She was indeed quite good-looking and seemed to have a pretty decent temperament. She also had quite a nice figure, which undoubtedly fit most men’s aesthetics. However, she still could not believe that Nash would engage in an affair. Nash had guessed that his mother-in-law was here to interrogate him and shook the medicine in his hand. Smiling, he said, “I'll go prepare some medicine for Finn first. I’ll explain everything later.” Finn’s injury was serious, and he needed holistic medical treatment. Otherw

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