Chapter 342

Half an hour later, Nash brought out the brewed medicine. Meanwhile, Finn had also reached the point in his explanation where Melody's grandmother had passed away. Tears welled up in Melody's eyes when he mentioned the sad event. "We rushed back to Royal Bay, but Hera was still occupied with work at the time. Yvonne saw Nash with another woman with him and probably thought about the situation from Heras’s perspective. She made disrespectful comments and insulted Melody..." Finn repeated what Yvonne had said verbatim. Melody clenched her fists tightly. Nash placed the bowl of medicine on the table. "That's enough. Let’s not talk about it anymore.” Finn, however, continued, "Just think about it. If it were you, would you be able to take it?” Harrison's and Lauren’s expressions turned guilty when they heard that. Lauren whispered, "W-Why didn't you explain things to Hera?" "Don’t tell me you really think Nash has just been sitting around doing nothing? We haven't even had a chance

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