Chapter 346

Hera took a seat between Justin and Hunter. To her surprise, Hunter did not harass her like he used to. Instead, he just sipped his drink silently, not even glancing in her direction. Hera could not help but curse to herself silently as she sat down. She was called away midway to pay the bill while they were in the middle of dining and drinking. It was clear they were treating her like a cash cow. However, she was willing to do anything if it meant that they could close the deal. Justin tilted his head and chuckled. "Ms. Lewis, I didn't know you were acquainted with my cousin. I wouldn't have negotiated so aggressively otherwise." Hera was surprised. "Hunter is your cousin?" "It's not too late to learn about it now. Have a drink with my cousin!" Although Hera was reluctant, she knew that social drinking was inevitable in business. She poured herself half a glass of wine and said, "Mr. Hunter, I'll toast to you!" Hunter looked over casually. "If you’re gonna make a toast, make

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