Chapter 347

The corners of Hunter’s lips lifted into a smile when he heard that. “Don’t worry. Even if the sky falls, I've got it covered. And if I can't handle it, Queenie’s cousin will. Her cousin is the vice president of our company! "While vice presidents may not be that significant in other companies, being the vice president of Universal Group means that he holds a lot of weight. He's at least a senior shareholder in the House of Representatives. He has a strong say in the company’s headquarters." Justin had also consumed quite a bit of alcohol and was now speaking arrogantly. "Justin, be more discreet!" Queenie reminded him softly. Justin realized he was boasting too much, so he just smiled as he lit a cigarette. Hera flicked the water off her hands before making her way back to the private room. “Whose turn was it to drink again? We should sign the contract once this round is over.” She felt better after emptying her stomach. Although she was a little drunk, she had not forgotte

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