Chapter 348

When Nash saw the nervous look on the staff member's face, he did not think much of it and chalked it up to them having heard Hunter’s screams just now. "Mr. Calcraft… President, allow me to escort you to the presidential suite!" The staff member's attitude was respectful, but her legs were trembling slightly. President? Was the appointment notice from Universal Group's headquarters issued so quickly? "How did you know that?" Nash asked cautiously. "The hotel has access to Universal Group's HR system. We can retrieve information about all Universal Group employees through their ID cards," the staff member explained cautiously. "I-I'm so hot..." Hera's cheeks were flushed at the moment. Her breathing was rapid, and her misty eyes seemed unfocused as she continued to tug at Nash’s clothes that were wrapped around her with her hands. Nash glanced down with furrowed brows. "Please, take me to the room first." The staff member glanced at the woman in Nash's arms through the corners o

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