Chapter 349

"He's the same age as me and has already managed to become the head of inspection for Universal Group, while I’m just a receptionist at a hotel. How could there be such a huge gap?" the beautiful receptionist could not help but lament. While she was lost in thought, several people dressed as bodyguards were carrying Hunter out. Leading them was a man in his 70s dressed in a formal suit. He was Karlos Sazza, the personal bodyguard of the head of the Hill family, Gaspard Hill. He was a great-grandmaster with the strength of a stage five. At the same time, Weston, the lobby manager, was accompanied by a group of bodyguards as they rushed over. When he saw the trousers of the Hill family's heir dirtied with blood, his face turned pale with fear. "W-What happened?" Karlos' expression was ice-cold. "Something happened Hunter at your hotel. How dare you ask what happened?" Just ten minutes ago, Karlos received a furious call from the family head and immediately set out for Cloud Peak Pal

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