Chapter 34

Walter took a deep breath and walked directly to the security booth. The two security guards in neatly pressed uniforms immediately saluted him. “Retrieve the surveillance footage from earlier and show it to me,” Walter said while suppressing his anger. He had no interest in asking about what had just happened. He needed to see things with his own eyes to believe them. The security guards quickly retrieved the surveillance footage from earlier. As Walter watched the footage and saw Nash in the frame, his eyes widened in astonishment. Could this young man be Miracle Doctor Tanner’s grandmaster? When he witnessed Nash kick Kai’s car away with one foot, his pupils contracted even further. He turned his head to the person covered in a black hoodie standing behind him. “Iron Kick, what’s the level of this person’s strength?” The man slowly raised his head, revealing a face covered in stubble and burn scars. One of the security guards tactfully replayed the footage. Iron Kick r

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