Chapter 35

Walter turned his head to look at a short-haired woman in a suit, leather shoes, and glasses behind him. “Write me a check for 30 million…” The female secretary took out a checkbook and pen from the briefcase. She quickly wrote the figure, tore the check off, and handed it to Walter. “I heard that you recently led a group of people to conduct free clinics in impoverished mountainous areas, Dr. Tanner!” Walter handed the check to Brian with a smile. “The Watsons are charitable and willing to do our part for the free clinic project!” The cost of the free clinic project was very low, and the 30 million dollars was a sort of bribe for Brian. Brian was a well-known miracle doctor, and if Walter was too direct, he would definitely not accept this check. Brian would definitely not refuse if it were for such a high-sounding reason. Brian saw through Walter’s intention almost immediately. After a moment of hesitation, he still took the check. “On behalf of the patients in the mountainous

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