Chapter 353

"Mr. Graham!" "The day before yesterday, you picked up a man and a woman. Who were they?" "Mr. Graham, why are you asking me this?" In the same residential area, Frankie was sitting in the study working with a cynical smile on his face. His phone was placed on the table with the speakerphone on. Even though his job position was not as high as Travis', Fabian was his boss. Thus, the president still had to treat him with respect out of consideration of his boss. "I'm just curious about the people who are worth a personal greeting from you!" Travis replied with a smile. "The woman is called Melody Stone. She's a senior shareholder in the House of Representatives. The man is Nash Calcraft, who's a friend of Melody!" Frankie said. "Nash Calcraft..." Travis repeated Nash's name and felt that it sounded rather familiar. After a moment of silence, he asked, "Is he from Universal Group too?" Frankie responded, "That's right." Travis continued to ask, "Who is he? What level

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