Chapter 354

Queenie and Justin were both department managers. They had applied for a luxurious mansion with four bedrooms and two living rooms under their joint name. At this time, Justin was lying in bed groaning in pain. When Queenie ended the call, Justin immediately asked, "So, who's that bitch?" Queenie shrugged. "Just a senior shareholder friend!" “A senior shareholder? Does that mean I can't beat him up?" Justin looked disappointed. All of the senior executives of Universal Group had influential backgrounds. They were either wealthy scions of prestigious families or close associates of the leader at Universal Group's headquarters. Among the managers, Justin stood out as one of the few who ascended from ordinary salesmen's ranks. He relied solely on his degree from Project 985. Fortunately, he used his talents and good looks to pursue Queenie Graham. That was how he ultimately established his firm foothold in the company. Even though the Ten Families of Capiton were ve

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