Chapter 355

"I'll answer!" Nash was about to pick up the phone when Hera snatched it away. However, it was not Skadi calling this time. It was Yvonne. "Yvonne's calling..." Hera answered the call and put it on speaker. Yvonne's apologetic voice came from the other end of the phone. "Nash, I'm so sorry! I know that I made a mistake. I won't ever do it again! I promise that I'll work on my temper and be good from now on!" Hera did not know what Yvonne was on about and asked in confusion, "Yvonne, what's wrong?" "Sob... Hera, I'm going back to Capiton! I want to apologize to you too... I was the one who started the rumor about you and Nash!" After explaining the whole story, Yvonne said, "Can you tell Nash that I apologized to Mel and she forgave me? I hope that he can forgive me too!" After hearing Yvonne out, Hera looked at Nash with teary eyes. The rumor Yvonne had spread was outrageous, so it was understandable why Nash was so agitated about it. She had truly misundersto

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