Chapter 356

The two women were stunned. They both turned to look at Nash. One of them blushed as they said, “Get away from me, you disgusting pervert!” Nash was stunned. He was just trying to ask them which brand of sanitary pads they used! How did that make him a pervert? The other woman’s face was flushed too, but she did not lose her cool. Instead, she whispered, “Are you buying pads for your girlfriend?” Nash nodded. “Yes. I don’t know which brand she prefers, and I left the house in such a hurry that I left my phone behind!” Yasmin picked up the pack she had just placed in her basket and said, “You could get her some from ABC. Their pads are thin, breathable, and have great absorption!” Her sleeves rode upward as she extended her arm, and Nash noticed the hieroglyphs tattooed onto the woman’s pale wrist. The hieroglyphs looked almost identical to the ones on the papyrus. Theo had spent so much time researching, but he still could not decipher what those hieroglyphs meant.

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