Chapter 357

Yasmin had heard from her roommates about how the cashier working at the nearby supermarket had frequent extramarital affairs. However, she had always thought they were just joking. Based on what she had seen today, though, that did not seem the case. That handsome guy was also unlike anyone else she had ever met. Even she, a woman, knew what the woman actually wanted. However, he had naively agreed to her request. It looked like he was a fresh graduate. Fresh grads were always easier to fool because of their lack of experience. “Girl, you’d better watch what comes out of your mouth!" The woman started getting huffy. Why did Yasmin feel the need to bring up stuff that she could have kept to herself? What would she do if her husband found out? Yasmin also felt she had crossed a line and smiled. “Alright, alright, sorry. I take back what I said. Why don’t you ring up the items now?” “182 dollars!” The cashier’s face did not betray any other expression as she placed

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