Chapter 358

“How did he die?” Nash was stunned. He had met Sheldon once when treating Philix’s illness at Zell Private Estate. The man had seemed to be in the pink of his health and had not shown any signs of feeling unwell. Why did he die so abruptly? Xeno replied, “He hung himself. I’m suspecting it’s because of Duncan!” Nash remained silent for a short while longer before he narrowed his eyes. “Isn’t Duncan Sheldon’s grandson?” Xeno explained, “Duncan was adopted by Sheldon’s son and daughter-in-law, and he’s unwelcome in the Duerson family. Sheldon’s will states that Duncan will inherit the fortune he’s left behind. That’s more than enough for me to deduce that he’s definitely connected to Sheldon’s death in some way!” Xeno’s voice lowered as he continued, “Duncan’s not a force to be reckoned with!” “That’s interesting!” Nash narrowed his eyes slightly. Xeno had done a good job breaking down everything for him. However, that caused him even more unease. Duncan may have found ou

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