Chapter 359

She was extremely pleased with her accomplishments and felt like she was better than everyone else. Nothing fazed her, not even the fact that Nash was a platinum-level VIP in the Skye family’s business. She thought the Skye family was just doing him a favor. Nash was nothing without the Skye family. Yet, now, Weston was telling her that Nash was the head of surveillance of all Universal Group branches in the greater Drakonia area. That position was so prestigious that one needed to gain the approval of all the executives and shareholders in Universal Group before they could assume that position. It was not a position that the Skye family could help him attain by pulling some strings. Goodness gracious, Nash Calcraft! How many more secrets did that man have? “Miss… I don’t think you should tell Max about this. The contract you and Max signed stated the profits would be split 30/70, but he’s been going back on his word. He's been taking in 50% of Cloud Peak Palace’s profits aft

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