Chapter 360

“You bastard, how dare you…” Kai curled his fingers into a fist and hurled it toward Duncan’s face. Duncan calmly raised a hand, grabbing Kai’s fist. Was he a martial artist? Kai’s eyes widened. Then, he was punched in the stomach so violently that he flew a dozen feet backward and vomited blood. Duncan sighed. “You overestimate yourself…” A burly man picked Kai up, dragged him over to Duncan, and forced him to his knees. Duncan took his checkbook out and wrote a check for 20 million dollars, which he threw before Kai. “You have to bark 20 times! You can take this check and leave once you’re done barking!” Kai hunched over and placed his arms over his stomach as he shuddered. He had never experienced such humiliation. However, without the 20 million dollars… Rococo Technology, which was Helena’s company, would go out of business due to bankruptcy. He had dated plenty of women, but he had never taken any of them home before. He had also never slept with any of

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