Chapter 361

Duncan was seen kneeling before a pile of fire. “Was the unburned body on the fire Sheldon?” Xeno looked shocked. Sheldon’s net worth was worth billions. Not only was there no funeral after his death, but they could not even afford to send him to a funeral parlor? If Xeno were Sheldon, he would die with his eyes wide open. Nash turned his head and glanced at the robust man next to him. This was a stage nine great-grandmaster. It was unexpected for the Duersons to have hidden such a powerful individual. Even the Watsons only had two great-grandmasters, Iron Kick George and Eight Trigram Palm Janson, with powers at stage six and seven. Together, they could rival a stage nine great-grandmaster, but defeating one was another question. “Duncan... Mr. Nash is here!” Xeno spoke up as a reminder. They could not possibly let Mr. Nash see them cremating Sheldon, could they? Duncan wiped his tears, trembled as he stood up, and bowed to Nash. He said, “I apologize for not greeting you

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