Chapter 362

Brutal! Nash was too brutal! That was a stage nine great-grandmaster. He was the world-class expert Duncan brought back from Mandagor. Duncan learned all his skills from him. Was he not one of Duncan’s biggest trump cards too? Yet now... Nash wiped him out with a single slap? Duncan was terrified, almost feeling his scalp explode. His once gentle face turned pale as paper. He thought his plan was flawless. It seemed he had underestimated Nash. Nash was not just the Smiling Grim Reaper who was skilled in killing; he also possessed a meticulous mind. “Sheldon is dead, and my grudge with the Duersons is settled! You do have some sense in you, but don’t be too clever! There are things better left unsaid. I trust you know what to do!” After saying these words emotionlessly, Nash left with Xeno. Having witnessed Nash crush Crow’s head before and now seeing it again, Xeno felt a churn in his stomach. Duncan watched their retreating figures tremblingly. Then, he turned back to t

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