Chapter 363

“Hmph, one can never be satisfied, no matter how much one gets. Can you handle the Duersons’ billions of assets?” “Do you believe we can kick you out of the Duersons immediately?” Duncan’s bodyguard pulled out a golden IMI Desert Eagle and fired a shot into the sky. Everyone at the scene instantly fell silent. Duncan adjusted his glasses and said, “Grandfather... was killed by Nash... If you all want to live peacefully, go settle abroad. Each of you can take 300 million with you... With this money, you can live luxuriously anywhere without any worries!” “Uncle Duncan... do we get some too?” a porcelain doll-like little girl asked nervously. “Children get 500 million!” Duncan said with a soft smile. The Duersons looked at each other, seemingly exchanging opinions. Quinton approached Duncan, whispering, “Dun... Why is Nash targeting us? Why does he want to harm us?” Duncan smiled faintly, “Dad... Sometimes, knowing too much isn’t good for you…” “Then you should come with us. We

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