Chapter 364

Upon hearing Theo’s idea, Nash slightly furrowed his brows, saying, “Be careful, the Kleins originated from the Youngs!” The Kleins might not recognize those hieroglyphs, but they might have seen them during their time with the Youngs. Letting them know that the Skyes were researching the Youngs’ hieroglyphs could potentially bring trouble. … In the Long Lake Industrial Zone, Nash and Xeno were stopped by an elderly security guard at the entrance. Xeno pulled out a hundred-dollar note and handed it to the security guard, “Sir, could you help me find someone named Yasmin? If you bring her out, I’ll give you another hundred.” “Young man, I might be poor, but I have my pride!” The guard promptly pushed back Xeno’s money. Xeno’s temper flared. Grabbing the security guard by his collar, he said, “Old man, have you heard of Dragon Tiger Gate? I’m Xeno Hun, the second in command. Who do you think you’re messing with here?” Expecting his name to intimidate the guard, Xeno was caught of

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