Chapter 365

Upon reconsidering, Queenie understood. The Long Lake Industrial Zone was located in a somewhat remote area. Within a ten-mile radius, aside from Cloud Peak Palace Hotel, there were only a few shops. They essentially monopolized the daily life of those in the Long Lake Industrial Zone. “But isn’t the population of Long Lake Industrial Zone much lower now than before?” Queenie found a point worth arguing. Based on the previous population of 20,000, this area indeed was profitable. However, now, most of the factories in Long Lake Industrial Zone were vacant, with the population not exceeding 8,000. “That’s because the buildings in the Long Lake Industrial Zone are aging and the living conditions are very poor. This leads to a high turnover rate among the younger employees. Without sufficient technical staff, the industrial zone naturally declines. I just need to invest 300 million to completely change the current situation here!” Sydney held her little hands behind her back, her e

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