Chapter 366

Before Mr. Jamerson on the other end of the phone could speak, Sydney hung up. Then, folding her arms, she declared, “Once I buy this industrial zone, the first thing I’ll do is fire you!” The old man appeared to be in his 60s or 70s, and she saw no need for a man of his age to be a security guard. The security guard flicked away some ash from his cigarette, dismissively replying, “I’d rather go home and enjoy my retirement anyway!” Around ten minutes later, a portly, balding man rushed out. Upon seeing him, the security guard promptly stood up and greeted, “Hello, Boss…” Mr. Jamerson nodded with a smile, and then, with a fawning look, turned to Sydney. “My dear, I’ve been waiting so long for you!” Due to financial difficulties, he was in desperate need of funds. During their previous discussion, Sydney had mentioned she would think it over. He assumed that she might have found his asking price too high and was considering reducing it. Yet to his surprise, Sydney had called t

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