Chapter 367

“Do you know someone here?” Yasmin asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice. “One of my friends just bought this industrial zone!” Nash replied with a smile. “Must be rich!” Yasmin remarked in awe. “Thank you for helping me yesterday. Do let me know your bank account number, and I’ll return the money to you!” “There’s no need. It was just a small amount!” Yasmin waved her hands dismissively. She then inquired, “You didn’t come here just to repay me, did you?” “No, I came to ask about the hieroglyphs on your arm,” Nash explained with a smile. “Have you seen these hieroglyphs before?” Yasmin stared intently at Nash. “Yes... I have,” Nash answered, but he did not elaborate further. “Do you know the origin of these hieroglyphs?” Yasmin continued her questioning. “I don’t... I’m also looking for someone to study these hieroglyphs,” Nash said, leaning back in his chair. Squinting his eyes, he asked, “When your grandfather was young, was he in the Young Family Village?” Hearing

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