Chapter 368

Xeno cleared his throat, remarking nonchalantly, “I didn’t expect someone in this remote place to recognize me!” The burly man responded with a fawning smile, “Mr. Hun... Three years ago, I wanted to join your crew, but you turned me down…” Xeno raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Is that so? If you’re still interested, come find me later. I’ll set you up with a position as a gang leader.” “Thank you, Mr. Hun! Thank you!” The burly man bowed gratefully. Yasmin, standing behind, had heard about Mr. Hun from her brother. He was one of the top four underground kingpins in Jonford! With a calm expression, Xeno stated, “Take a seat. When Mr. Nash asks you questions, you must answer honestly.” Mr. Nash! Even Mr. Hun addressed this man as Mr. Nash. Was he the top figure in Dragon Tiger Gate? The burly man remembered nearly confronting Nash the day before, and now he had his doubts. After seeing the ring on Nash’s hand, he started to believe that this man was indeed one to the Youngs. Perhaps

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