Chapter 369

After speaking, Derek quickly took Yasmin and left the conference room. “Mr. Nash, how do you plan to accommodate them both?” “Let Derek join your crew, and as for Yasmin…” Nash began, but he was interrupted by Sydney’s voice from outside. “Why keep those machines after the boss ran off? We don’t have resources in the pharmaceutical field... Keeping those devices will just take up space!” “Ms. Zell, you make a good point. Handle it as you see fit!” Mr. Jamerson chimed in, nodding obsequiously. The industrial zone belonged to her now. It was her call on how to manage the vacant factories. Pharmaceuticals? A grin formed on Nash’s lips. His master had taught him unparalleled medical techniques, including the art of alchemy. Although he was not skilled enough to create elixirs, he could dilute them into consumable liquids. He had initially planned to have Yasmin work at Baroque, but now, he had a different idea. The door was still ajar from when Derek and Yasmin left. Nash lo

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