Chapter 370

After about a 45-minute drive, they arrived at the slum where Derek and Yasmin lived. Outside, a woman in her 50s was busy processing newly collected waste at a scrap collection center. Xeno did not stop the car. In fact, when they reached the entrance of the housing complex, he even sped up. “Mr. Hun... we’re already here,” Derek could not help but remind him. Yasmin looked equally puzzled. Nash, sitting in the passenger seat, glanced in the rearview mirror and calmly said, “We’re being followed.” The siblings looked back, and their expressions immediately changed. Concerned, Yasmin asked, “Derek, did you offend someone again?” Derek responded sternly, “I work in the factory every day and rarely go out. Who could I have offended?” “Enough... Stop arguing... You two stay here... Mr. Nash and I will handle those guys!” Xeno said with furrowed brows. The siblings immediately fell silent. When the car reached a deserted stretch of road, it stopped. Three vans from behind qui

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