Chapter 371

He even helped his girlfriend buy sanitary napkins yesterday! The siblings arrived at the scrapyard in the slums together with Xeno and Nash. Seeing their mother, Derek and Yasmin hurriedly went up to help her. "Mom..." When the old lady saw both of them, she was overjoyed. "Derry, Yasmin, why are you two back?" The siblings only had two days off each month. They usually lived in the factory dormitory and only returned at the end of the month. "Mom! We brought guests!” Derek said as he glanced over at Nash. Margaret followed his gaze and looked over. When she saw them driving an Audi, her expression darkened. The people who came to collect debts from them before drove an Audi. “Derry, did you get yourself into more debt?” Derek whispered, "Mom, they're from the Young family!" A shiver ran through Margaret when she heard the words 'Young family'. She immediately slapped Derek across the face angrily and said, "Young family, old family, bah! Get them out of here..." The Young fa

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