Chapter 372

Yasmin had an annoyed look on her face. She would have started yelling now if they did not all live in the same neighborhood. "Yasmin…” the man started, but then his expression changed. "Oh shit, my grandpa is here. I have to go!" After placing the wildflowers on the table, he made a quick exit. Yasmin returned and placed two cups of tea in front of Nash and Xeno. "I'm sorry you had to see that,” she said bashfully. Nash smiled and asked curiously, "Does he really have such a keen sense of smell?" He could hear faint footsteps approaching from about a hundred meters away courtesy of his immense true energy that had enhanced his various senses. The man from earlier did not cultivate at all, yet he was able to identify people by their scent. It was an extraordinary ability. "Well, his name is Nico. He’s always been sensitive to smells ever since he was a kid. He can smell up to 200 meters and remember any scent he ever comes across,” Yasmin explained with some disgust. "He used t

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