Chapter 375

Unable to hold back his tears, the head of the house had to leave. Margaret crouched on the floor to comfort Nico's mother. Tears were glistening in her eyes as she said, "My dear, please accept our condolences.” "Boohoo, why is my life so difficult… We already told those fools not to go. Why didn't they listen to the old man’s words?!" Nico's mother cried in utter despair. Seeing this, Old Perry turned to the people and said, "You all can leave for now. You can come by later tonight to help…” After offering some words of comfort, the crowd gradually dispersed. After everybody left, the woman who had previously gone home to check on her husband brought the man with her. The moment she entered the house, she anxiously said, "Bradley, please help check on my husband. He's been sleeping ever since he came back this morning and won't talk now. I'm so worried.” The man the woman brought over was in his thirties. He was slightly chubby and had a stubble covering his round face. His

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