Chapter 376

Nash strode forward and crouched beside Yasmin, his hand grasping the worm immediately. Yasmin instinctively grabbed Nash's wrist as she stared at the man intensely. Her cheeks were as red as apples. The onlookers, however, understood Nash was dealing with the deathworm and had no other ulterior motives. Nash channeled his energy secretly, enveloping the deathworm with it and then compressing it. The deathworm immediately spat out purple fluid, its 20 pairs of legs flailing and leaving marks on Yasmin's smooth thigh. "Ugh..." Yasmin clenched her teeth tightly, enduring the burning pain. "Get some alcohol,” Nash said, voice deep. He then tore open Yasmin's pants with his bare hands. Her fair thigh was already red and swollen. The deathworm's purple blood seemed to be bubbling on her skin. Bradley grabbed the half-empty bottle of Cattleden liquor from the table, unscrewed the cap, and handed it to Nash. Using his hand that was adorned with a dragon-shaped ring, Nash grabbed the bo

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