Chapter 377

Another woman was left wide-eyed and dumbfounded. Bradley, a highly respected figure in the entire neighborhood, was actually kneeling before this young man who was just in his 20s? Nash, on the other hand, was not surprised at all. He had suspected earlier that Bradley was a member of the Young family's Tomb Seekers Hall. Nash had deliberately revealed to him his Young family token when he received the alcohol from him earlier. "Old Perry, please get up. There's no need for formality!" Nash helped Bradley to his feet. Finally, he found a living member of the Young family's trusted circle. He even turned out to be from the Tomb Seekers Hall. The Young family got their wealth from raiding tombs, and the fact that Bradley was the leader of the Tomb Seekers' Hall indicated he held a high position within the family as well. "Grandfather, what's going on here?" Nico asked with confusion as he looked at his grandfather. This guy had just taken advantage of Yasmin earlier, and Nico h

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