Chapter 378

"Did someone locate the tomb of the King of Medicine?" Nash furrowed his brows. The tomb was no ordinary place. The undead corpse and deathworms inside it must not be released. If it was an archaeological team, it was highly likely they would lose their lives. If it was another tomb-raiding group and they failed to handle the undead corpse and deathworms properly, the people nearby would also be affected. "Aside from me, there are two other people a part of the Seekers Hall who are still alive—Yoseph Stone and Anders Law. Both of them are skilled in the art of leyline identification as described in the Seekers Hall's scripture. "Yoseph left the Seekers Hall with the former leader’s permission to join the national archaeological team, while Anders left without permission and has been missing ever since. "If Yoseph found the tomb, he would definitely have notified me in advance. So, I suspect it's Anders who found it and attempted to raid it. He’s an unscrupulous man. If he gains co

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