Chapter 379

"Go to the Mare family in Capiton and see how the old man is doing.” "Okay, I'll go there early tomorrow morning.” "Don't wait until tomorrow. Go now!" "Alright, Master Uncle!" Brian was having tea with Zakariah but immediately realized the gravity of the situation when he heard Nash’s tone. He hung up the phone and promptly booked a flight. In the evening, Nash, along with Xeno, Melody, and Finn, were sitting in the living room for a meeting. "Raiding tombs in Xanthalos?" Melody stared at Nash in shock like she was looking at a monster. Then, as if realizing something, she asked with amazement, "You guys found people from the Tomb Seekers Hall?” Xeno grinned. "We did. We found them. We even found out about this huge tomb. But, Mr. Nash, why did you ask Bradley to get Yoseph to invite the national archaeological team as well?" "That was just to deceive Margaret." "You're planning to take Derek there too?" "Is that no good?" Nash asked in response. "What can that idiot do the

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