Chapter 380

"What?" Derek looked around nervously and then asked, "Your father just passed. Why is your grandfather in such a hurry to meet his end?” Nico frowned and chastised, "Hey, watch what you say, will you?” Derek scratched his head and replied, "I'm just a guy who didn't even finish elementary school. Are you really expecting me to say something profound?" Nico shot Derek an annoyed look before whispering, "Mr. Nash asked us to ask you if you’re willing to go. We won't force you if you’re not." Derek hesitated, worried that his mother might break his leg out of anger. Nico continued, "We're all trusted descendants of the Young family. As the current head of the family, Mr. Nash is determined to restore the family. If we do good now, we’ll surely become senior members of the family in the future. Do you know how much money my grandfather has?" "How much?" Derek blurted out. Nico held up two fingers. "Two million?” “Two million?" Derek was unimpressed. His younger sister now also ha

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