Chapter 381

In comfortable bliss, Bradley closed his eyes and enjoyed the comfort brought about by the boiling sensation within him. ... On the other hand, Derek honestly told his mother his plan to go to Xanthalos. "Absolutely not!" "Derek, you can't go!" Margaret's and Yasmin's expressions instantly darkened. "What did you promise me this morning? "Even the professionals ran into trouble and you're just an amateur who knows nothing about it! Aren't you just asking for trouble? Stay home for the next couple of days. You're not allowed to go anywhere!" Margaret barked. "But... Mr. Nash had asked if I would go. I think this is a test for me... If I don't go, I won't ever be called ever again! "Bradley is a close confidant of the Youngs. Do you have any idea how much money he has? "He has 20 billion!" Derek argued. He grew up in a single-parent household. His mother had to support and raise him and his sister. When he got into fights in school, it was because his classma

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