Chapter 382

"He'll die… He's going to die… He's your brother. Why didn't you stop him?" Margaret wailed. Yasmin pursed her lips, hugged her mother tightly, and cried together. In the living room, Derek leaned against the wall and listened to his mother's and sister's cries as his heart ached. He walked to his grandfather's grave and silently prayed for his blessing. The next day, it was still dark at Perry's funeral parlor. Bradley sat on the ground as he prayed. "Joel... don't blame me for not helping you with your funeral! As your father, I will avenge you... "The tomb of the King of Medicine will absolutely not be preempted by others!" Bradley glanced at the black and white photo of his son in front of the coffin and could not help but shed tears. "Dad... may you find peace and comfort! You didn't get to enjoy your blessings, so let me enjoy them for you!" Nico knelt on the ground and prayed. Bradley slapped Nico on the back of the head and said angrily, "You brat, ca

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