Chapter 37

Hannah eventually injected the medicine into Herman, and Cain, thinking that the matter would be revealed, hired a hitman to silence her. Nash pieced together the whole story, but to confirm it, he needed to have a conversation with Cain. “What’s your name?” Nash helped the delivery man up from the ground. “Hugo Zabinski!” the delivery man replied in a low voice. “There's indeed someone behind the deaths of your son and sister-in-law. I’ll investigate and ensure that the mastermind is brought to justice. You shouldn't involve yourself in this matter anymore!” Nash assured confidently. “You’re all in this together. I won’t believe your nonsense!” Hugo was filled with a deep hatred for the Lewises, and Nash was Hera’s fiance, so naturally, he would not trust him. “If you insist on meddling, not only will you fail to get revenge, but you'll also bring death upon yourself and your wife!” Nash squinted his eyes as he spoke. Hugo immediately became more subdued. The man made a valid

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