Chapter 38

“Love is supposed to be a mutual pursuit, right?” Nash said with a smile. Hera was a bit stunned. “What does a mutual pursuit mean?” He scratched his head. “I’ve never been in a relationship, so I can’t really say. I guess it means you like me and I like you too?” She chuckled. “You do give me a different feeling. Even though we just met, having you by my side makes me feel secure. Maybe that’s what liking someone feels like!” Nash smirked. “That’s good. Once the old man recovers his memory, we’ll just go and get married!” “And what about you? How do you feel about me?” A charming expression appeared on Hera’s pretty face. He hesitated for a moment, then said, “I want to protect you!” Though it was just five words, Hera found them as sweet as honey. Images of Nash saving her and Skadi involuntarily flashed through her mind. Perhaps, it was from that moment that she had a sense of absolute security when she was with him. She smiled sweetly. “It’s getting late. You should res

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