Chapter 384

Nash's words touched Melody. She could not imagine what Nash had gone through all these years. She wondered how many deaths did it take to shape who Nash was today. The two cars drove toward Xanthalos. Jonford was 15,000 kilometers away from Xanthalos. It was roughly a 20-hour drive. At ten o'clock in the morning, Nash received a call from Brian. "Grandmaster... Old Mare had food poisoning, but he's fine now!" "Food poisoning? What did he eat?" Nash asked in surprise. "Some fungi. It should've been some poisonous mushrooms!" "The Mares are a second-class family, indeed. The cooks can't even tell the difference between safe and poisonous mushrooms!" Nash sneered. Someone within the family might have tampered with the food. "The situation with the Mares is rather complicated. Old Mare holds the power in the family so tightly, I suspect it's due to internal family conflicts!" Brian's response confirmed Nash's suspicions. Personal gain could make one lose sig

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