Chapter 385

James could see through everything. Lauren's cousins who married into the family were from poor backgrounds. Only the partners of the women who were married off came from prominent families. Harrison was considered one of the outstanding ones among the Mares' sons-in-law. This gave Harrison the courage to stand up against the others. "Harrison... watch your words. You're in the Mares' property now, not the Lewises'!" A middle-aged man with an ashen complexion said in a deep voice. It was Lauren's eldest brother, Leonard. "Uncle Leonard... I think that Uncle Harrison has a point. Aunt Lauren finally returned. It's fine that no one showed her any hospitality. However, everyone dares to verbally target her. If word gets out, aren't you just giving people a reason to laugh at us?" Yvonne pouted as she defended her aunt. Leonard's wife, Minerva, said coldly, "The adults are talking. Why is a brat like you speaking?" James snorted. "The Mares are talking. Why are you s

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