Chapter 386

Helena’s family had bullied Hera so mercilessly during her time with the Lewis family. Now, she felt like she had experienced character growth seeing as she did not feel any fear facing the members of the Mare family. Why the hell should he sing her praises, though? If she offended the Mare family… Trouble would definitely arise in the future. Nash cursed to himself silently. However, he plastered a smile on his face and said, “As expected of my wife! You’re looking more and more like a successful businesswoman every day!” He had just completed his sentence when he heard Derek run over and say while panting, “Nash… Heidi is causing trouble!” Xeno and Finn, who had been watching the female toilets, immediately walked over while Melody also exited the toilet. “I’ve got some stuff to take care of… Talk later!” Nash immediately hung up the phone and asked, “What’s going on?” They were introduced to Heidi Sanders, who was traveling with Bradley, when they stopped at the fir

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