Chapter 387

“I’m not going to hold myself back!” “Come on!!!” The muscular man roared. Given his current state, he felt he could even take a bull head-on. All of a sudden, Bradley kicked the muscular man in the crotch. “Ahhhh!” The muscular man clapped his hand over his crotch as he fell to the ground and roared in pain. His companions also felt a phantom pain in their crotch as they watched the scene unfold. The other muscular man roared, “Stupid old man, how dare you not play by the rules?!” They had agreed to let him have the first punch, and he decided to pull a dirty trick by kicking one of them in the crotch. Bradley said calmly, “I’m sure everyone heard him begging me to hit him just now…” “Ahh… K-Kill him!” The crotchal region of the muscular man’s pants became covered in blood as he roared in pain. His companions gritted their teeth and swung their fists at Bradley’s temples. They had packed so much force into their punches that there were whooshing sounds as they

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