Chapter 388

“Ken… Are you going to fight him?” The fat man stared at Ken in shock. Ken was a man he had saved from dying from severe injuries. He and his co-workers had all contributed some money from their salaries to pay for Ken’s hospitalization fees. Ever since he was discharged from the hospital, Ken had become one of his followers. He was not much of a talker, but he could complete the workload of five people by himself. After once bumping into Ken practicing martial arts in the morning, he had asked and learned that Ken used to be a martial arts practitioner. He was being hunted by his enemies after offending them. Ken’s mastery of martial arts had helped them receive their paychecks on time several times. No matter how many bodyguards their boss hired, they were no match for Ken. Ken rarely got himself involved in matters that did not involve their paychecks. No one had expected him to come forward that day. “It’s been a long time since I met another martial arts practition

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