Chapter 389

How dare he speak against a great-grandmaster? “You don’t seem like good news… Besides, your skills aren’t refined enough!” Finn had a disdainful look in his eyes. He might have considered the request if he were a great-grandmaster. However, he saw no need for them to take in a mere grandmaster. How arrogant! The fat man nearly began spitting curses at them. Ken was a martial arts grandmaster, so why were they making him seem less threatening than a speck of dust? Xeno, on the other hand, was tempted. Dragon Tiger Gate housed less than six martial arts grandmasters, and they were all Theo’s men. Most families usually paid martial arts grandmasters a monthly salary with a starting price of a hundred thousand dollars to serve and protect their families. However, he did not have the means to hire grandmasters using such methods. The bald man lowered his head and remained silent. He had been working with this contractor for the past three years and had never asked hi

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