Chapter 390

In the other car, Melody crossed her arms over her chest and took a short nap. Nico was boasting about how amazing his grandfather was to Derek. “My grandfather was just in time… With a well-aimed kick at his crotch, my mighty grandfather caused the muscular man to immediately collapse in pain!” Melody could not stop herself from laughing. Nico was telling the story in great detail. In fact, she could even picture the whole thing in her mind despite not being present. She had not expected Bradley to have a dark side to him. Nico grinned as he leaned toward Melody and asked, “My grandfather is amazing, isn’t he, Melody?” “Yes, he is…” Melody gave him a non-committal response. Bradley had achieved the Energy Cultivation Realm. However, despite her mastery of the Profound Reality Realm, she had not realized he had attained such a high level of cultivation. Curious, she asked, “Mr. Bradley, have you mastered some form of disguising your inner energy?” Bradley, who was

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