Chapter 391

A young man from the hotel rooftop leaped down, landing in a half-kneel. Two deep footprints appeared on the ground. The next moment later, he was right in front of the boss in a flash. With his pale and distinct hands, he grasped the boss by the throat and coldly demanded, “Who sent you?” A sense of imminent death enveloped the boss, his pupils shrinking in terror. The cold-faced young man swiftly snapped the boss’ neck. He then turned his gaze to the other three men. Just his gaze alone forced the three men to kneel. The other two exchanged glances, choosing to remain silent. The cold-faced youth scoffed, then swiftly moved and used his robust inner energy to shatter the hearts of the two men. Killing was as easy as turning his hand. This person was undeniably ruthless. One of the guys was soaked in his own urine from fright. He blurted out, “It... it… it was Chad Mare who s-sent us!” The cold-faced youth responded flatly, “Tell him... if he even thinks about harming He

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