Chapter 392

A visible sonic wave repelled Sawyer. Sawyer’s knees slammed into the ground, creating a two-meter wide crater in the asphalt road surrounded by spiderweb-like cracks. The cold-faced youth gasped, realizing the deadly consequence if that hit had landed on him! Sawyer tilted his head, peering into the darkness at the end of the road. The pitch black revealed nothing. “Who’s there... Show yourself!” Sawyer shouted with fiery eyes. Yet, there was no response. Who was it? Who could it be? The Skyes could not possibly have such an expert. Who else was protecting Hera? “Playing hide and seek with me? I will find you…” Seeming deranged, Sawyer vanished like a wraith into the street. The cold-faced youth exhaled deeply, his demeanor instantly deflated. On the eighth floor of the hotel, Hera hid behind the curtains, pointing her phone toward the street outside. She was video-calling Nash. The recent sonic explosion had caught Nash’s attention, prompting her to show him the situ

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