Chapter 393

“Could it be that Sherman Smugh’s master is still alive?” Theo murmured to himself. “Who’s his master?” Nash inquired curiously. Sherman was the Skyes’ protector. Nash had met him while assisting the Skyes with some issues. The man was cold in nature, not one for many words. He was ruthless and spoke little. “Sherman’s master is called Carlos Lexington, the principal of Capiton Advanced Martial School. He's a peak expert of the Profound Reality Realm. Six years ago... he fell to the hands of the Martial Maniac, Sawyer Ford!” After uttering these words, Theo took a deep breath. The news of a stage nine great-grandmaster defeating a peak expert of the Profound Reality Realm had caused quite a stir in the martial arts world. Even with Nash’s composure, he could not help but gasp in shock. Killing a peak expert of the Profound Reality Realm as a stage nine great-grandmaster was akin to a toddler overpowering a muscular grown man. “When Sawyer challenged Carlos, it took place atop t

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