Chapter 397

“Weather forecasts can sometimes be inaccurate!” Bradley remarked, puffing on his pipe. Madam Lunaris smiled faintly. “Thirty thousand for two nights’ stay and six meals.” Nico looked at his grandfather. “We didn’t bring that much cash.” The old lady quickly took out a QR code. “I also accept mobile payments!” Bradley quickly scanned the code and paid 300,000. Nico’s eyes widened. “Grandpa... you added an extra zero!” Bradley chuckled. “That covers the hush money, equipment fee, and information fee.” Nico wisely shut his mouth. Madam Lunaris said with a soft smile, “I like dealing with straightforward people. There are six rooms on the third floor. You all can decide who stays where. Come down for lunch at noon!” Hence, Bradley led the group to the third floor. Nash and Xeno shared a room, Heidi and Melody stayed together, Derek, Nico, and Bradley bunked in one room, while Finn roomed with Ken. After settling in, all nine of them gathered in Nash’s room. Bradley explained

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