Chapter 398

After hearing Bradley’s words, everyone present fell silent. Immortals! Were there really immortals in the world? Not just the group, even Nash felt puzzled. He had not witnessed his master’s ascension, and his master rarely mentioned immortals. What did his master mean by ascension? Was it just a euphemism for death, or did it mean moving to another world? In the Path, death was referred to as emergence, which many associated with actual ascension to heaven. Regaining his composure, Finn asked in surprise, “How did they determine that it was an Immortal Tomb?” “Elixirs! Immortal techniques! Undecomposed bodies! Revived sacrificial followers!” Bradley answered with narrowed eyes. That year, he was in the prime of his youth. Even after decades, he still vividly remembered everything. Finn asked with palpable excitement, “Does the tomb still exist? Can we visit the Miliard Flora Valley?” The thought of an Immortal Tomb was thrilling! If they found some elixirs, would their

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